Cursgame is a library for Python 3 useful for creating terminal based games on a two-dimensional map. Specifically Cursgame offers functionality for keeping hold of the map as a simple two-dimensional map and handling input from the player. While Cursgame by default also runs the mainloop of your game, it tries not to stand in your way and gives you the opportunity to extend or completely override the main loop.

Cursgame is free software available under the terms of the EUPL. We are planning to switch to the MPL-2.0 for future versions.

You can download stable Cursgame releases in the downloads section. The latest unstable version is available at the repository on Bitbucket. Cursgame is documented in the source code, so you can use Python’s help() function to view the documentation for components of Cursgame. A more feature-oriented documentation can also be found in the documentation section.