Welcome to Weltraumschlangen

This site is the home to various free art and software projects. By “free” we don't necessarily mean that the works we offer are available free of charge, but rather that they grant you a set of permissions that many pieces of art or software usually forbid. Usually these permissions include the rights to use, modify and share the works in question. Nonetheless all of our currently offered works are available free of charge.

Right now we offer some stories in German language in our art section and a small number of programming libraries for Common Lisp and Python in our software section. You can reach our offered content via the navigation menu at the top of the page.

Our planned projects include tools for school teachers to help them organize their teaching content in regards to when they teach them and how they cope with missed classes.

Creating art and software takes time and requires various resources. This ranges from cheap things like having a server to run this website to more expensive things like food and shelter. If you would like to help us cover these expenses, you can donate via PayPal using the donate button to the right. If you don't want to use PayPal, but still want to help us cover our expenses, please contact us at one of the addresse in the contact box to the right.

Contact information

In case of questions, feedback or other readons to contact us, you can reach us under one of the following addresses:

Sven Bartscher <sven.bartscher@weltraumschlangen.de>
Thomas Bartscher <thomas.bartscher@weltraumschlangen.de>

If you like what we're doing, please consider making a donation, so we can continue to work on our various projects!

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