Cursgame Manual 0.1.0

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This manual describes how to use cursgame for writing text-base games. You don’t have to read the whole manual to use cursgame. Most of it is reference material.

To verify that this manual applies to your cursgame-version, check wether the first two digits of the manual-version match the first two digits of the cursgame-version. Note that if you have a development version (marked with an + sign after the version) the manual is most probably outdated! According to this, this manual applies to cursgame 0.1.0

If you read this i assume you already installed cursgame and you can import it in python3. Please also note that cursgame is made for python3 and may not work in python2. I also assume that you are known to python3.

This manual begins with a tutorial to Cursgame, followed by chapters describing the details of the modues of Cursgame.

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